The Dawning of the Day

(From the Irish "Fáinne Geal an Lae.")

One morning early, I set out by Killarney’s Lake so fair.

The dew was sparkling on the grass and sunlight warmed the air.

The blooms were bursting from the bough, as it was the month of May,

And a mystery girl walked by my side, at the Dawning of the Day.


She wore no cap, she wore no cloak, my darling from the sky.

Her golden hair was all she wore, and the twinkle in her eye.

There was beauty in her every pore and sprightly was her stride,

And stepping out beside her, I was joyful and alive.


The robin sang on every side, the blackbird and the dove,

And, on the lake, the ducks and drake played out their game of love.

The pulsating earth was mating with the very sky above,

And my heart sang out inside my breast as by the lake we roved.

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